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New Books on Simon & Shuster: Preliminary Reviews

"Learn how to romance women all over the Galaxy with Kirk's Guide to Women."

"Captain Kirk's Guide to Women is the first book to answer this question by probing deeply into Kirk's character, charisma, and seductive techniques, making it possible for any man to model himself after the Casanova of the Cosmos. It is also the only warp-powered romance manual written with enough wit, charm, and humor to help the female of the species make first contact."

Looks as a spoof book, touching fun of Kirk's reputation. I guess it is a very light read, but no doubt a very enjoyable one.


Here's another I.K.S. Gorkon Novel, tying deep into the characters of the Klingons.

There's an excerpt here.

It starts with an intense action battle sequence, flows into a description of a transplanted limb, and drops into a typical Star Trek ship malfunction. The text then goes on to describe all types of political, personal, and ship-wide situations.

In short, it's a action-descriptive style, with typical Trek sci-fi maquinations, with a Klingon flavor.

Personally, I'm not that fond of Klingon stories, they tend to be a bit shallow, but this Gorkon novel seems to go much deeper than usual.


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