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My Star Trek Reading Project

Later on, I'll post a complete linked list of the published Star Trek novels.

Incredibly, most of these are available on the Internet! Well, it suffices to say I have acquired an almost complete collection of all the published novels, not counting the 'Young Adult' ones. Maybe later I will purchase them.

But for now, I have quite a reading list! So, basing myself on the Star Trek Novel companion guide (Voyages of the Imagination), I ordered them by publishing dates and based my reading on that.

There are various ways of attacking such a task. One would be to take it in internal chronological order; in fact, in the companion guide there's a very complete chronological order of each of the novels, and even on which chapters take place on which year.

I pondered hard on doing it that way, even read some parts of them (Naturally, Q jumping back and forth and to billions of years back is quite interesting), but I finally decided it would be better to see how the mythos expanded since the series, and how much of it was integrated, absorbed and fed back to the TV series. In fact, David Yound is doing just this, reading them in chronological order.

So a publishing chronological order seems best for this. This will avoid nasty spoilers, especially with all the time travelling (and there IS a lot in Star Trek). I have found it's quite effective, as the novels progress, stories start with very conservatively sci-fi elements, and become wilder as each author explores different parts of Trek.

I'll try to post a good look into each novel, and I hope my reviews are good... This seems it will be quite a Trek...


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