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1999 The Entropy Effect by Vonda N McIntyre, Audio Book

The Entropy Effect by Vonda N. McIntyre
Narrated by George Takei, with Leonard Nimoy

A nice audio book of the successfull book by Vonda McIntyre, is nicely narrated by the previous character's actors.

The background music and special effects are actually quite nice, even if the action music does sound a bit campy.

Takei takes quite some efforts to narrate, putting lot of emphasis on doing a lot of the voices, including Kirk's, Scotty's and even Spock's! Nimoy is not a big help here, he just narrates different parts, but does not bother's to do Spock's voice... quite weird. Nimoy sounds indifferent, but does not narrate lightly.

Takei is to be commendated for dooing some great work, while Nimoy should be shamed.

For a review on the story, I'll post it later on a different post.


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